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Emergency Trail Boot

The Floating Boots Emergency Boot Kit provides you with a spare boot for when you are riding and your horse loses a shoe or boot. The boot is flexible, ergonomic and very easy to put on.

The kit also includes a fully waterproof bag to carry your emergency boot which can be clipped on to the saddle and the Penguin Tool that contains everything you need to easily adjust it.


RECOMMENDED USE: Ideal as emergency hoof protection when you lose a shoe or boot whilst riding out. Suitable for all types of hoof and terrain.

INCLUDES: A Trainer model boot in the size of your choice, a waterproof bag that clips on to the saddle and a the Penguin multi-tool.*

The Penguin multi-tool* includes a small rasp, hoof cleaner, Allen key to adjust the boot and a spare set of screws.

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Emergency Trail Boot protects the horse’s hoof if you lose a shoe when out riding.. It is a flexible, breathable and comfortable hoof boot. The sole is suitable to cover long distances over various terrain.


Waterproof bag to transport the emergency trail boot with you when riding. It clips on perfectly to any ring on your saddle.

Penguin Tool

Compact tool that includes everything necessary to install your emergency Boot just in a few minutes. Penguin Tool includes a small rasp, a hoof cleaner, the Allen Key and a set of screws for the boot.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Emergency Boot Kit for?

The Emergency Boot Kit offers reliable hoof protection when you accidentally lose a boot or shoe whilst out riding.

How do I put the boot on in an emergency?

The Emergency Boot Kit contains everything necessary to put the boot on without difficulty. You only need to prepare the hoof a little first, with the Penguin multi-tool you can clean the sole and file the hoof if necessary. Then you can put the boot on; using the Allen key, also contained in the Penguin multi-tool, you can then easily position the screws where desired for a really good fit.

How do I measure the hoof to determine the size?

You must measure the width and length of the unshod hooves a few days after they have been cut. If you have any doubts about how to do this, consult our taking measurements section

I already have the measurements, what size does my horse need?

The size chart shows a range of measurements for each size. These measurements correspond to the width and length of the hoof. Find the size that fits using these measurements.

What happens if I receive the boots and they are not the correct size for my horse?

You can change them if they’re not the right size. To ensure they are not damaged in any way, they cannot be changed if they are, you can put the hoof in a thin plastic bag like a sock when you first try them, placing a piece of cardboard or carpet under the sole. If you need to change the size, email us at info@floatingboots.es

Is this boot suitable for irregular-shaped hooves, underrun heels, contracted or asymmetric hooves?

Yes, the Trainer 2019 offers you the possibility of adjustment through heat application, so it can be specially adapted to fit any hoof shape.

What colours are available?

The Trainer model comes in all black. Personalisation is possible through easily interchangeable spare parts in other colours.

Are all parts of the boot replaceable?

Yes, all parts are replaceable. You can find out how to order new parts in the Trainer 2019 instruction guide.

Can I use a P size (rear-fitting) for my horse’s front hooves?

Yes, P size generally fits rear hooves better due to their typically more elongated shape, however, there are some horses where this is also true of the front hooves.

How long do the boots last?

Floating Boots soles are manufactured from polyurethane and high-resistance natural rubber, with a lifetime of up to around 1000km. As always, this is dependent on a number of factors, such as the horse’s weight, the type of ground being ridden on, etc…

What type of sole is included in the Emergency Boot Kit?

Sport type sole is supplied with the Emergency Boot as it the most versatile and has the best grip over all types of ground.

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